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ACD/Spectrus Processor

Process and interpret all analytical data in one common interface, including NMR, LC/GC/UV/MS, IR, and more. Gain assistance with routine structure verification and access to spectral databases.

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ACD/Chrom Workbook

Advanced processing, analysis and management of chromatographic data for separations scientists. Build and share applications databases to accelerate future projects.

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ACD/LC & GC Simulator

Optimize concentration gradient, temperature, and resolution of your separation during method development using either a database of experimental chromatograms, or calculations of physicochemical properties such as boiling point, logP, logD, and pKa.

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Select the best generic method for further study by predicting retention times and chromatograms based on the structures of the compounds to be separated.

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Combine instrument control for LC/MS and LC/UV systems with software for logical method development to help you develop better, more robust methods, in less time than you ever could before.

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Metabolite ID Solution (MetaSense)

The software solution for efficient, comprehensive metabolite identification. Automatically generate and share biotransformation maps—with connected spectra, chromatograms, and structures—from LC/MS data analysis

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